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Jenny is a spiritual counselor and certified yoga and Hakomi therapist who focuses on improved health and well-being. She emphasizes the role of our inherent spiritual nature as an agent for healing. 

When our attention is established in a curious and friendly way toward our immediate experience we can begin to unwind old habits and gain new insight. All spiritual systems have knowledge of this type of awareness, Yoga calls it Purusa, Buddhism calls it Buddha Nature, Hakomi calls is Loving Presence. Jenny guides clients to develop their relationship with this universal awareness so that it can broaden our understanding of what is causing our difficulties and assist in unburdening what holds us back from our most authentic life.

Jenny's work draws from ancient yogic and Buddhist teachings and various spiritually centered therapeutic systems. All of Jenny's counseling tools are rooted in body-based awareness systems. Unlocking and transforming the unconscious information our bodies hold is key to making lasting change.

Counseling sessions can include client-centered dialogue, nervous system regulation with yogic breathing and postures, mindfulness techniques, meditation and imagery work. Jenny is known for her ability to meet students where they are and to offer authentic, grounded guidance.

Sessions are $130 for an hour. She does not take insurance. Please email Jenny to set up a free phone consultation.

(Please note that Jenny is not licensed to diagnose or treat medical conditions or mental health issues, and working with her is not a substitute for medical advice or treatment.)