Yoga therapist seattle



Jenny Hayo, C-IAYT, CHT, ERYT-500 is a certified yoga and Hakomi therapist and spiritual counselor in Seattle, WA. She has taught yoga for over 20 years and teaches public programs on a variety of topics. Jenny maintains a thriving private counseling practice where she synthesizes over two decades of classical yoga study, Sanskrit, Buddhism and modern mind/body therapies that enable students to find greater awareness in their lives. 

Jenny offers a holistic approach that encourages the integration of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Her work with students and clients uses various techniques to uproot core habits and beliefs that are affecting our ability to thrive. Through mindfulness, Prānāyāma (yogic breathing), meditation and psycho-spiritual investigation, students are assisted in their own self-discovery and healing. Jenny has studied many body-centered healing modalities including Reiki, The Hakomi Method, The Sapphire Method and IFS (Internal Family Systems) which all compliment her understanding of the deep wisdom of the body as the vehicle for transformation.